Video: Samba de Orly Piano Arrangement

So I was stressing out about having time to write a blog post this week, since I’m in arrangement-writing deadline mode and am spending all my free time trying to finish up these 3 songs for a faculty recital at MacPhail in 2 weeks. Then I realized it made more sense to share a video of one so far, since that's what I've been up to!

This is my solo piano arrangement of Chico Buarque’s song Samba de Orly. It’s almost finished, but I plan on making a more interesting intro and ending before I finalize anything. Read more about my process here. Thanks to the magic of the iPhone camera, it also looks like I have a gigantic left hand!

I'm planning on video-recording the performance, so I'll be sure to share that version later on, too. 

My piano arrangement of Chico Buarque's Samba de Orly - almost to final draft stage.

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer