RELEASE DATE: 10/24/18

“A true pleasure to listen to and discover!” — Music Talks


Rebecca Hass is not your average Minnesotan pianist and composer - with an addiction to Brazilian rhythms and bringing joy to others through music, her compositions span a variety of topics, from samba grooves to crime-fighting manatees, both of which you can hear on her brand-new debut album of original compositions and arrangements in Brazilian styles, Florescer (Bloom).

Rebecca’s multi-decade love affair with Brazilian music led her to join percussion group Batucada do Norte in 2006, and it’s clear that her many years as a percussionist inform her compositions. Inspired by influences as diverse as Hermeto Pascoal, Ernesto Nazareth, and Debussy, the songs on this album range from upbeat to nostalgic, and have been described as “a refreshing take on instrumental Brazilian inspired music”.

Rebecca also appears locally with Modern Spark Trio, a piano trio with diverse repertoire, and supports other musicians and artists in their creative habits through wellness and mindset, coaching, and writing about these topics.



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“The music of ‘Florescer’ is both exciting and beautiful, and is as thoughtful as it is clever and original. Hass has certainly created an attractive, infectious Brazilian piano album; one that will be a pleasant listening experience for all, one that will remind us why we love music, and one that will make us fall in love all over again.”

— Austin Franklin, The Sybaritic Singer

“What a delightful 43 minutes of musical sunshine it is…with vibrant rhythms, energetic piano and an infectious zest for life! …If you can sit still while listening to the livelier tracks, you might want to check your pulse!”

— Kathy Parsons, (included on 2018 Favorites list)

“A refreshing take on instrumental Brazilian inspired music…you can hear [Rebecca’s] mastery of the piano and her adventurous spirit, combining her sense of syncopation and great harmonic sensibility. A true pleasure to listen to and discover!”

 — Patrick Talbot, Music Talks

“This album shows that [Rebecca Hass] has unusual ideas about Brazilian music, and she isn't content to just play it the same way as everyone else. This is a snapshot of an artist at the beginning of a long and exciting journey.”

— Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist

“Undulates along the Juan Tizol planes followed by Caravan, complex rhythms, explorative and engrossing. Moves the entire C1 to L5 vertebrae.”

— Fiona Ord-Shrimpton, All About Jazz (on Maracatu do Manatim, featured as a Download of the Day)