Composer of Brazilian music.

Coach who supports artists and their creative habits through wellness.


I believe that

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Hello and welcome! I'm Rebecca Hass.

I’m a pianist and composer in St. Paul, Minnesota, who is addicted to Brazilian rhythms and bringing joy to others through music. I write compositions spanning a variety of fun topics, from samba grooves to crime-fighting manatees

I perform locally with Brazilian percussion group Batucada do Norte, and Modern Spark Trio, a piano trio with diverse repertoire spanning classical, jazz, rock, folk, world music, and modern composition. I also perform solo, and as an accompanist. (Learn more here.) 

Over the last several years, I arranged several Brazilian tunes for solo piano, which led to finding my own voice and shifting my focus to original composition. In 2017, I even did 2 100-day projects in which I wrote 8 measures per day, while being otherwise extremely busy (it is possible, and actually really fun to keep a daily habit!) I now publish one new composition a month, available in my sheet music store

My debut album of original Brazilian arrangements and compositions, Florescer, is available now!


It’s been a long journey, but I finally feel a sense of ease/satisfaction in my creative life.


In case you’re thinking, “Wow, that all sounds great,” life as a musician has definitely not always been easy or fun for me.

I have spent a lot of time on the brink of burnout (and some time past that point) and I am always engaged in the process of taming (or just co-existing with) my anxiety issues. (We’re in good company.)

I believe that creative people can live balanced and sustainable lives, if we do it mindfully, and I am dedicated to supporting the creative habits of other artists and musicians through wellness and mindset, as well as by hosting a local regular networking event for women musicians here in Minneapolis/St. Paul with Lauren Husting

More about my story:

I’ve always been drawn to variety - I attended Ithaca College to get a (classically-oriented) degree in piano, and while there, I took every non-classical music class I could, including a survey class for non-majors on Latin American Music, which changed the course of my life and career. My weekly assigned listening for the class turned into long sessions in the library listening to entire albums and researching musicians. A year after I finished school and moved back to Minneapolis, I joined Batucada do Norte, a local Brazilian drum group that I’m still a member of, and the following year I attended the amazing California Brazil Camp, where I got to take classes with master Brazilian musicians and learn about so many styles and sub-genres that I hadn’t previously known. The obsession had taken hold, and shows no signs of stopping.