Brazilian Music Friday Feature #15

I don't know about you, but I could really use a day-brightener today, a day that many of us have looked ahead to with dread. Luckily I also had a positive event on the calendar today: the release of my teacher Vitor Gonçalves' quartet album! Vitor is an amazing pianist and accordionist - I've learned a ton from him over the last couple of years at California Brazil Camp, and have fortunately gotten to do a few Skype lessons, too (as he lives in NYC). 

So, turn off the news and listen to a live version of Winter Landscapes (Paisaigens do Inverno). You can also stream a couple sample tracks from the album here

No matter what happens in our government, we always have music, art, and the ability to positively impact our fellow humans. I'm trying to carry that spirit with me today. 

Enjoy the song, and your weekend!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer