New Sheet Music: Possibilities (A Jazz Waltz)


Introducing the latest new release in my sheet music store: 

Possibilities, a jazz waltz that has drawn comparison to the cheerier music of Vince Guaraldi (unintentionally, but happily). It makes me visualize a day with a clear blue sky, or even a dreary day when you're so excited by the future that it doesn't matter!

If you're a jazz person, I have a lead sheet for you, and if you prefer fully notated piano music, I have that, too - you get both for just $2.99! 

And, bonus, I've extended my sale - if you buy two pieces or more, I’ll send you a piano print for free! (Add the piano print to your cart, and use the code FREEPRINT.)


Each month I publish one new piece - April's is going to be a fun one, too! 

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Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer