Brazilian Music Friday Feature #39

This is going to be the last Brazilian Music Friday Feature for a while - not that I love Brazilian music any less, or am any less excited about sharing it, but it's starting to feel like an extra thing that I don't have time to seek out or research well enough on an ongoing basis.

I couldn't just quit though, because I have been eagerly waiting to feature music from this new album by Gaia Wilmer, a saxophonist, composer, and arranger from south Brazil, now based in Boston. I discovered her music because my teacher Vitor Gonçalves plays piano on her album, and instantly loved it - her compositions and arrangements are wonderful. This is Helen, an original performed live by the Gaia Wilmer Octet: 

If you're sad that the Friday Features are taking a break, you can still listen to past features! I've collected all of the songs into a playlist here: 

Enjoy the music, and your weekend!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer