100 Days of Writing Music - Update #3


As of today, it's Day 79 of my 100 Day Project, 100 Days of Writing Music - over 3/4 of the way done! Since April 4, I have written 8 measures of music daily (okay, I missed one day, but that’s okay, I’m adding a day on the end), and will do so for 21 more days (or possibly more?). 

The observations I made in my first two updates on Day 23 and Day 58 still ring true, though I feel like I've been less inspired with my composing over the last couple weeks (this is more of a general energy level issues), but having a daily habit is a great safeguard against letting that energy hold me back. Just like my man Chuck Close says, we can't wait around for inspiration: 

He's right, you know.

He's right, you know.

I’m a little behind on recording pieces, but you can listen to many of them on my SoundCloud page here - I'll get caught up next week.

You can follow along on my Instagram here, with the hashtag #100daysofwritingmusic, and watch Instagram Stories for videos of me playing them.

Also, a very happy birthday to the amazing Hermeto Pascoal - today he turns 81! In honor, someone has uploaded the entire audio from his April concert at SFJazz to YouTube. You can read my thoughts about it here, and take a listen below - it was spectacular!

Have you ever taken on a specific daily creative challenge? If so, tell me about it in the comments!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer