New Brazilian Choro - Help Me Name It!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished writing the Brazilian choro I’ve been working on for almost a year!

There are different types of choro - much of it has a very fast tempo, but this one is a bit slower AKA a choro serenata. For a little more background on Brazilian choro, check out this Pop Matters article, which references an amazing documentary called The Sound of Rio: Brasileirinho (highly recommended!), and this WNYC feature on Choro Ensemble with Anat Cohen.

I performed my piece at the New Ruckus Composer Night on Monday night, and recorded video of a full runthrough later this week, too. I expect that the arrangement will still evolve a bit as I play and perform it more, and I’m planning on recording it later this year as part of a solo piano album - more about that later!

You can watch it below:

Today is Day 17 of my 100 Day Project (100 Days of Writing Music), and I’m still going strong and really enjoying it. I think that the 8 measure requirement I set is proving to be perfect for squeezing into my already busy days. Some of the 8 measure chunks end up continuing into whole pieces of music, like last week when Monday through Saturday’s 8 measures turned into a piece about anxiety (it’s cool, I promise). I still have not gotten a chance to record any of them yet, but I will post when they’re up on my SoundCloud page. You can follow along on my Instagram here, with the hashtag #100daysofwritingmusic, and watch Instagram Stories for videos of me playing them.


Now to name this choro - that’s always the hardest part for me. Do you have any suggestions, or images that pop into your head?

UPDATE: The choro is named Anelante (which means Wishful/Wistful in Portuguese), and you can listen to it here and buy the sheet music below: 

(Anelante lead sheet | Anelante solo piano)

Let me know in the comments, and if I use your suggestion, I’ll thank you in the liner notes of the album, and give you a copy once I finish it!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer