Brazilian Music Friday Feature #23

Today's pick is Choro by Amilton Godoy, best known as pianist in the Zimbo Trio, but also an arranger, composer, and teacher of some great Brazilian musicians, including Eliane Elias. The Zimbo Trio was established in 1964 in São Paulo, and has helped popularize bossa nova and Brazilian music international audience since then. Amilton also often plays with Léa Freire and her group Vento em Madeira, who I really like. I'm working on learning his duo arrangement of this tune to play with a friend at a flute convention this summer - very fun, but I'm not up to his tempo yet! 

You can also listen to Zimbo Trio's wonderful debut album below, to get a feel for Amilton's roots: 

Enjoy the song, and your weekend!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer