Brazilian Music Friday Feature #17

This week's pick is Peguei um Ita no Norte AKA Explode Coração, the samba enredo (song for Carnaval) performed by the samba school Salgueiro in 1993. It's all Explode Coração all the time in my head lately, as I've arranged it for solo piano and am performing it at a faculty recital at MacPhail Center for Music tonight! I also posted a video of the arrangement yesterday

I've also been rehearsing the percussion version of it (much more traditional than my piano version!) with Batucada do Norte for our upcoming Carnaval gig here in Minneapolis next month. Luckily, it's probably my favorite enredo ever, so I'm not tired of it!

Since it's Carnaval season, I'll be featuring a different enredo every Friday in February, to get in the spirit. 

Enjoy the song, and your weekend!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer