Brazilian Music Friday Feature #13

Today's pick is Festa na Macuca (Party at Macuca Farm) by Jovino Santos Neto and his Quinteto, a forró in 7/4 time! I took Jovino's piano class the first time I went to California Brazil Camp in 2007, and learned a ton. He was in Hermeto Pascoal's Grupo from 1977-1992 (see this post), and you can see that influence come through in his solo work.

This song is from the 2007 album Alma do Nordeste (Soul of the Northeast), which focuses on various styles of music from Northeastern Brazil, and is one of my favorites of his. The version below was just recorded in 2015 in the studio, and has some fun twists from the album version. 

Enjoy listening, and enjoy your weekend!

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer