Rebecca Hass Piano Studio offers piano lessons to students of all ages and ability levels, providing an encouraging, student-centered musical education. I want music to be fun and satisfying for everyone, and to help students to develop a lifelong love of music.

Music speaks to people in many ways, so I customize lessons with this diversity in mind, covering many styles from classical to jazz to pop and more. I am enthusiastic about tailoring lessons to individual students of all ages, from beginners to the advanced! I take a current, well-rounded approach, including a mix of styles, emphasizing creativity, composition, and improvisation, balanced with building skills in reading music. We do fun studio challenges, group lessons, and I use many tools and games to help reinforce learning musical skills in different contexts. I believe in empowering students to play music they really enjoy and truly learning to speak the language of music.

A trial lesson is available to new students. Check out the FAQ page above or contact me with your questions using the form on this page.


RATES (flat monthly tuition for students under age 18)

30-minute lessons: $122/month

45-minute lessons $183/month

60-minute lessons: $244/month



"Thank you for all you do for [my kids] - you have made music/piano a beautiful and accessible thing for them. Your lessons are positive and constructive and our children look forward to learning from you each week. Thank you!"

Erik Brandt, parent of 3 students

"Rebecca is an excellent piano teacher for adult students. Not only am I learning to read and play music, but she fosters an environment were we can discuss creativity, culture and music as language. I am energized by our lessons, it is thrilling."

Katie Nulicek



There are so many! Music makes lasting changes on the brain, including:

  • large and small muscle development
  • improved language development
  • improved spatial reasoning and pattern recognition
  • improved hand-eye coordination
  • better integration of the left and right sides of the brain
  • problem-solving skills
  • development of discipline, persistence, and patience
  • evaluation skills
  • creative expression
  • development of confidence

More info on the benefits of music lessons at broaderminded.com