Rebecca Hass Piano Studio offers piano lessons to students of all ages and ability levels, providing an encouraging, student-centered musical education. I want music to be fun and satisfying for everyone, and to help students to develop a lifelong love of music.

Music speaks to people in many ways, so I customize lessons with this diversity in mind, covering many styles from classical to jazz to pop and more. I take a current, well-rounded approach, balancing the development of the eye (reading music), the ear (playing by listening and improvising), and the mind (creativity and composing) - essential for truly learning to speak the language of music.

If you have additional questions or to schedule lessons, contact me here.


Summer session is now underway, running from June 14 - August 11.


• Summer session starts Tuesday, June 14.

NO lessons July 4-8 or August 12 - Sept. 5.