New Sheet Music: Maracatu do Manatim (Lead Sheet)

Introducing July's new release in my sheet music store: Maracatu do Manatim (Manatee). Maracatu is an Afro-Brazilian style of music played at Carnaval parades in Recife, Brazil, which you can learn more about here. It typically has a much faster tempo, but for a manatee-themed tune, I think a slower groove works!

This song came out of one of my composition prompts (from my free 5-day email bite-size composition challenge) to write an ostinato about an animal. I selected manatee (because who doesn't like manatees?!), and somehow it ended up sounding like a 70s cop show, so naturally, it became Donald the Crime-Fighting Manatee.

Well, Donald has recently moved to Recife, Brazil, and become infused with maracatu rhythm. I'm not sure if he's been solving any crimes there, but he is having a great time, and is super excited to appear on my upcoming album in October 2018, with lots of percussion! 

Maracatu do Manatim is available as a lead sheet for $2.99, and will be appearing on my upcoming album of my original Brazilian compositions and arrangements, which will be released in October!

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Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer