Brazilian Music Friday Feature #31

This week's pick is in the same vein as last week's song by Daniel Grajew, as he is also in this group, Duo Bailado, with bassist Marcos Paiva. The group explores many of the dance styles from the 19th century and mixes them with more modern styles in interesting ways. 

I really enjoy this song Gauche, an original by Daniel Grajew that's a tribute to the great composer Chiquinha Gonzaga, a lady who doesn't get enough recognition. (I'll have to feature her music soon.)

I think that my favorite part is the section beginning at 4:20 when he quotes the Habanera from Carmen, then cleverly keeps layering quotes from other familiar tunes! 

If you like that, there are also many others on their YouTube channel here, and they released an album in 2016 that you can buy directly from them.  

What's your favorite music that mixes styles in unexpected ways? Tell me about it in the comments! 

Enjoy the music, and your weekend! 

Rebecca Hass

Pianist and composer